Comedy of errors: how many howlers can you cram into one Bhopal news story?

Bhopal Gas Tragedy victims demand extradition of Warner Anderson
Bhopal: The victims of the 1984 Union Carbide chemical disaster, the worst industrial disaster demanded strict action against all those responsible for the disaster.
The Bhopal Gas tragedy case proceedings have been going on for over twenty years. Till date CBI has brought 215 witnesses in the case in which statement of 178 people have been registered. Today statement of two accused were recorded before Magistrate Anil Kumar Gupta.
Talking to media person Salinath Shadgi, member of Bhopal Gas Tragedy organisation alleged that hearing in the case was being done at a slow pace.
He further alleged that neither CBI nor Indian government was not doing anything to extradite Waren Anderson, former Union Carbide chairman to India.
“Since the case started all the three foreigner accused are absconding. On 7 December,1984, Waren Anderson gave bail of 25,000 rupees and promised to come whenever he is needed but till now he has never come for a single hearing. The most painful thing is that neither Warren Anderson nor Union Carbide or Union Carbide Eastern have been presented before the court. The Indian Government has also not taken any steps to bring them to India,” said Satinath Pandagi.
The members of Bhopal Gas Tragedy organisation are demanding Special Prosecution cell to get early justice.
However, advocate of CBI C.Sahay denied all the charges and said that they were trying their level best to extradite all the accused.
“There are different proceeding for the foreign accused. We have taken steps; Many times Indian ministry has tried to bring them to India. It is not that we are not doing anything in this regards,” said C. Sahay.
On December 2nd, 1984, 27 tons of poisonous gas including methyl isocyanate leaked from a storage tank at a Union Carbide pesticide plant in Bhopal,took the lives of more than 7,000 people.
This disaster is regarded the worst chemical disaster in history. Union Carbide is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Dow Chemical.
1. Warner Anderson should of course be Warren (in the headline!)
2. 3 disasters in one sentence (first para), many more grammatical disasters follow
3. Salinath Shadgi (para 3) is really called Satinath Sarangi
4. Bhopal Gas Tragedy Organisation (para 3) should be Bhopal Group for Information and Action, a member of the ICJB.
5. Waren Anderson should of course be Warren
6. Satinath Pandagi is really called Satinath Sarangi

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