More support for AO Vietnamese victims needed

One more voice in support of Vietnamese Agent Orange/dioxin victims’ fight for justice will solidify efforts to put an end to the use of the defoliant, which has caused a lifetime of pain to millions of Vietnamese people, said a Vietnamese representative at an International Conference on Disarmament of Atomic, Biological and Chemical Weapon.
Nguyen Viet Ha, who is First Secretary of the Vietnamese Embassy in France, made the call at the conference, the second of its kind, held in the city of Saintes in Poitou-Charentes, France between May 6-8. The conference brought together more than 100 scientists, professors and social activists from 20 countries.
The case of Vietnamese Agent Orange victims has won strong support from the international community in their compensation lawsuit against US defoliant producers, Ha noted, expressing hope that they could get more assistance, both spiritual and financial, from this conference, and get justice at last. (VNA)

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