Cops try to keep Diane $2000 bail bond, flash gun

8th Dec. 1.10 CDT
Downtown Houston
Dear All,
After making bail last night and organising a pick up for
her at 3-4am in the morning, David Graeve who signed on the
bond got a call from the Sheriff’s office to take back
$2,000 because the Calhoun County cops were going to come
and take her to Victoria to make her serve 120 days. It’s
another matter that when we got there we were told they
would keep the money anyway for some fine she owed on the
criminal trespass charge at Calhoun County. I am pretty
sure we were being bullshitted. Nothing about this cop rang
true…what a stereotype….puts his feet up on the table,
takes his gun out and places it in front of us on the
table, tries to scare us off…..
We stood our ground and eventually got the $2,000 back. Now
we are trying to figure out why they won’t let her out
until at least her scheduled court appearance on Monday.
Her attorney is in court all day so I am trying to get a
friend’s brother who’s a lawyer to go see her and pass on a
message. If they don’t move her until 5pm this evening then
one of us will visit her.
Meanwhile, I will deposit some funds in her account so she
can buy basic necissities such as toothpaste, fresh
underwear, etc..
Someone was looking for a link to the pictures at Monday’s
For photos of event and arrest, click here to go to Houston Indymedia.
Please spread the word to all the folks not copied here.
Thanks once again for all the support.

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