Diane taken away by Calhoun County Sheriff's office

Dec 9th
7.03pm CDT
Houston, TX
Dear All,
Just heard from Diane’s partner in TX City that she’s been transferred to the jail in Victoria to serve her time on the criminal trespass charge (related to Dow-Bhopal campaign). I believe she was very relieved to be out of Houston b’cos “compared to the city jail here, Victoria is a country club,” quote verbatim.
Spoke to Greg Gladden her attorney to whom this was news. He assured me that this was good news since Diane was anxious to be anywhere else but inside the Houston city jail! He also said that he can get Monday’s court appearance reset for sometime in the future. I’ve to see him next week whenever I can get Diane to join him and me on the phone via a collect call.
I will be called to visit with her once her family gets a chance to see her. I am told it’s much easier communicating in those jails. So feel free to send me your msgs. I’ll print them all out and take them along.

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