Day 2: Gandhi Nagar to Shyampur, and a delicious lunch of baatis

Tuesday 21st February
Next morning we could not leave Gandhi Nagar early as planned, because the local people organized a send off for us with even more garlands and a breakfast of jalebis and poha [sweet with flattened rice preparation].
We left at 7 am and reached a village called Sonkachh where we halted for lunch and a rest. Lunch was tasty baatis [wheat dough balls slow cooked over cow dung cake fire] with daal. They were made by a team of women.
We started walking again at 4 pm and along the way decided to walk to Shyampur instead of stopping at Duraha as we had planned. This proved to be a mistake as we had to walk well past sundown to reach Shyampur.
In fact Irfan bhai (Irfan brother) and three others got in at 9 pm.
The villagers in shaympur welcomed us and we were given the spacious village community hall to stay in. Everyone was too tired to cook or eat so we went off to sleep.
In the morning we were given a send off with cups of chai.
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