Diane Wilson asks you to send a message to Texas Governor Perry

In response to Diane Wilson’s efforts to raise corporate accountability issues and highlight Bhopal the coalition in support of Diane is asking you to send a quick message to Governor Perry of Texas to enforce toxics laws against Dow Chemical Corporation.
Please support Diane and send a message to Governor Perry today about the need for stricter penalties for corporate polluters.
To send a message go to: http://ga4.org/campaign/texasLaws
Please take a minute right now and take action on this issue. A message is provided for you at the link above. All that is required is your name and e-mail address.
What are we calling for?
The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) is currently revising its penalty policy and this is an opportunity to push for greater accountability against polluters who break the law and who put our health at risk. Texas could require penalties against Dow and others for not complying with environmental laws. In this way, no facility will gain an economic benefit from breaking laws or gain an unfair competitive advantage over law-abiding facilities, while also serving as a deterrent to future lawbreakers.

Tell the Governor to:

Please stand up for clean air and clean water and restore the public’s faith in this State’s ailing enforcement of these efforts.
Quick update on Diane:
Diane was released on Friday, February 17, 2006 from Victoria County jail after serving 120 days. Today she is in court to deal with charges from the December Cheney fundraising event where she unveiled a banner reading “Corporate Greed Kills-From Bhopal to Bagdad”. For more information on Diane’s release go to Pesticide Action Network’s Update Service (PANUPS) (See Diane Wilson blog)
PLEASE HELP SPREAD THE WORD about this opportunity to influence greater enforcement over corporate polluters.
TAKE ACTION NOW GO TO http://ga4.org/campaign/texasLaws

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