Do you know the whereabouts of Warren Anderson? The Government of India has asked for his extradition.

Warren Anderson, ex Chairman of Union Carbide Corporation is wanted by a court in Bhopal, India, to answer criminal charges of “culpable homicide” relating to the deaths of 20,000 people. The Government of India on 6 May 2003 requested the United States to extradite Anderson and hand him over to face trial in Bhopal. To date, no answer has been received from the US authorities.

In India Anderson is listed as a “fugitive from justice” having for 11 years ignored the summons to appear before the Chief Magistrate’s Court in Bhopal. We appeal to anyone who knows where he is hiding to come forward and inform the proper authorities. You may also contact us directly and in complete confidence with any information about Warren Anderson and his current whereabouts on THE ANDERSON HOTLINE.

Anderson’s last known addresses were: 929 Ocean Road, Bridgehampton,
New York, and 111 South Catalina Court, Vero Beach, Florida.

Broken bail bond (7 December 1984)

Proclamation from Bhopal Court published in Washington Post (1 January 1992)<

Arrest warrant (10 April 1992)

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