Indian Institute for Forest Management Marks Bhopal Anniversary

On December 3rd, 2005, students at the Indian Institute for Forest Management in Bhopal organized a photo exhibition and other events on campus.
With the exciting support and co-operation from Students for Bhopal especially and others around like Rachna here we organised something in Indian Institute of Forest Management this time marking the 21st anniversary of Bhopal tragedy. I wish to extend whole hearted thanks to you all on behalf of everyone who were behind in organising such an event. We got overwhelming support from some of our faculties and several of our fellow students were also quite helpful and supportive in the whole effort. We gathered the support of the IIFM community by collecting their signatures with comments in a big white sheet for which the response was something quite rewarding. It was after the absence of a substantial student community who are out of the campus primarily due to the field work.
I specially liked to mention the name of Ms. Swati Karamcheti, an MPhil student who had shown her enthusiasm right from the beginning and played an appreciable role in making the event a fair success. We hope and wish in the years to come IIFM will also find its place in the network of organisations and students who are part and parcel of the struggle against injustice to the victims of Bhopal tragedy.

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