Bard College Hosts Bhopal Exhibit

From November 11th through December 10th, 2005, Bard College hosted the exhibit, “Flames not Flowers,” photos by Raghu Rai and Maude Dorr, in their student center. Alongside this exhibit, Bard premiered another smaller color photography exhibit called “Bhopal: New Sites of Suffering and Healing in the Aftermath of the Bhopal Gas Disaster,” by Bridget Hanna, William Hanna, Prakash Hatvalne and Adriane Raff-Corwin.
The photos were hung down one long wall at the campus center at Bard, a locus of activity that everyone in the community passes through on a regular basis. The sequence begins with the disaster and Rai’s photos, progresses through Dorr’s collages, and then ends with the small exhibit of new images. Even as the show was being hung, many people stopped to look at the arresting images. Standing in the campus center watching the traffic, it is clear that most cannot pass the exhibit without paying attention to it, and many people seem very moved by what is portrayed. The sheet we provided for commentary has had only thanks and praise written on it thus far.
We hope that this exhibit will help further raise the awareness about Bhopal at Bard, and will get people riled up to make some noise!

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