Info on contacting Diane in jail

Dec 12th, 8.20pm CDT
Houston, TX
Dear All,
If you would like to write to Diane, you can do so via USPS. Mail should be addressed to her in this way:
Sylvia Dianne Wilson (CR# 65510)
Victoria County Jail (Calhoun County inmate)
101 North Glass
Victoria, TX 77901
(I am mailing all the messages you all have sent me so far.)
Please remember that all ingoing and outgoing mail is read by prison security. Since we are not allowed to send her any stuff such as books, it might be nice to send her articles, crossword puzzles or newspaper cuttings, greeting cards along with your letters.
While she was planning the Houston action, Diane and I were discussing the possiblity of her going to prison for a long time. She was in some ways, looking forward to it because she was tired of living out of bags these past couple of months. Also, she really missed writing. She was desperate to get back to the second book she’s been working on. I was hoping to send her writing paper and pens but I am told that she’ll have to buy whatever she needs in the jail itself. So a few of us have decided to deposit funds for her in the inmate accounts. It has to be in the form of a money order and dropped in a box outside the facility. If you would like to contribute to her account for the commissary, I can convert the funds into one MO and send it to her friend in Victoria who’ll drop it off.
If you would like to call the jail directly, here’s the info:
Victoria County jail – 361.574.8044. Must specify that she is a Calhoun County prisoner for easy identification. They have contract prisoners from a number of counties. Her offender ID is 26984.
Visitation: She can have two visitors per visitation period. Her visitation periods are Friday 4:15 to 5:00 p.m. and Sunday 4:30-5:15 p.m. Address:101 North Glass Street, downtown, a block or two away from the courthouse.
That’s it for now. Feel free to write or call me if you need any other info.
Thank you for everything.

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