Messages of congratulation and friendship coming in from all over the globe

Je tiens à exprimer mon parfait soutien à la cause défendue par toutes les victimes de Bhopal. Une attitude humaine me parait s’imposer.
J’avise ce jour le correspondant de presse de notre journal local: “le Dauphiné”. Merci de votre compréhension pour résoudre ce probléme.
I want to express my complete support for the cause of all the Bhopal victims. We need to feel more deeply for each other. I have just briefed my local newspaper: “le Dauphiné”. Thank for your clear-sighted efforts to solve this problem.
Jean Suire
Aix en Provence
Congratulations, I follow all the walk and daily updates, I had tears on my eyes enormous time and wished to join all of you.
A luta continua
JA! justica Ambiental
Maputo, Mozambique
Bhopalis celebrate their victory. Gulab Bai thanks Satish, minutes before he ended his week-long fast. More pictures below, please scroll down

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