Oakland University Amnesty Protests Dow

On November 16, 2005, several students from Oakland University and the University of Michigan joined in a protest outside Dow’s Midland, MI headquarters. Although the weather was bitterly cold, the students waved banners, shouted slogans, and went inside to meet with Dow Public Affairs man Scott Wheeler.
“Scott Wheeler focused his argument on the grounds that Dow does not and never has owned the facility and that the land is now owned by the state government and so we should focus our complaints against them. He said Union Carbide sold the land lease to Eveready and then the government seized the land from them. He also said that Dow bought the shares of Union Carbide, which means they own UC’s assets, but not their liabilities. I don’t know how true that is, but I feel we learned a lot from talking to him – if only about their ‘no blame’ mindset.”

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