Boston Remembers Bhopal

On December 3rd, 2005, the 21st Anniversary of the Bhopal disaster, the Boston Coalition for Justice in Bhopal held a candlelight vigil in Boston Commons (Park Street T Stop) during Rush Hour, starting at 4:15. Even though it was a windy and cold day, a lot of folks braved the winds for a solemn memorial to the lives lost and in solidarity with the Bhopal survivors. The Justice For Bhopal banner, the recitation of the powerful survivor accounts, short handouts, and the large posters raised awareness amongst a lot of people during the rush hour in front of Park Street subway station.
Then we walked to the Community Church for a screening of the 17-minute Bhopal documentary, “Twenty Years Without Justice.” We had a round of introductions for some new interested folks and tried to encourage planning for next year for the Bhopal campaign followed by going to dinner together.
So, it was a successful event over all for the coalition. We hope to also continue the momentum from this year and plan more things for next year.
Boston Coalition For Justice in Bhopal is a group that was formed for Bhopal action throughout the year with various Boston based groups in the middle of this year. The members of the group are: AID Boston, Somerville Amnesty International Chapter, Environment Health Fund, South Asia Center and Alliance For Secular and Democratic South Asia. The overall coordinator for this group is Aquene Freechild from Environment Health Fund/Students For Bhopal.

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